SCT accelerator


Schematic layout of the SCT factory

SCT - the Super-Charm-Tau factory - is an electron-positron collider being developed in  Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences) in Novosibirsk. The collider will operate in a range of center-of-mass (c.m.) energies from 2 to 5 GeV at an extremely high luminosity of 1035 cm-2 s-1 with longitudinal electron polarization at the interaction point.
The SCT facility foresees a two-ring collider in which a Crab-Waist scheme is used to obtain such high luminosity. Beams are created in separate injectors for positrons and for polarized electrons and are subsequently accelerated to full energy in the linac.
The use of two independent injectors can effectively produce particles without losing time for changing magnet polarities and implement a scheme of simultaneous acceleration of the two bunches. The linear accelerator allows accelerating  the  polarized  particles  without  losing  the  degree  of  polarization  as  well  as accelerating large charges of particles with smaller loss and higher frequency.